Antiestáticos ESD

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Tweezer (ESD250)
Antistatic product. ..
Anti static ESD Clothing, Lab Coat, Smock
-         Product Description :   An ESD / Anti ..
Black double splice tape
Black double splice tape 8, 12, 16, 24 mm SMT super splice tape -series is a new design spice tap..
Material: 15%Glass Filled Supertough Nylon, UL 94 Rated. ..
C0312 Micro Fiber Wipe
Microfeber wipe is constructed from continuous-filament microfiber in a double knit, no-run interloc..
C0504 ESD Nylon fingertip coating glove
Features   1.Seamless Nylon liner mixed with carbon liner, up to a surface resistivity of..
Clean Powder Free Finger Cots
Raw 100% pure natural latex;Without plasticizers,silicone oil and amide. Powder-free;Chlorinate..
ESD Clear Curtain
Anti-static PVC curtain can be utilized as a barrier wall or protective curtain material in the ESD ..
ESD Non-Woven
Disposable nonwoven shoe cover Destination/use: Protection device for the medical staff,the hygen..
ESD Rubber Mat
Anti-static rubber mat  should be laid out in the workshops and advanced laboratories for micro..
ESD Spot Gluing Glove
- PVC Dotted Antistatic Glove is made of 100% cotton and PVC dotted fabric For palm, ..
Hisopos ESD
Small ESD Cleaning Foam Swab with Flexible Tip is an excellent general-purpose  swab for cle..
Slim EBP bar designed to fit underneath benchtops with narrow overhang > 16mm Made of yellow ABS..
Microfiber Wipe
For class 1000~10000 cleanroom. Resisting tearing in length and breadth of product ; Good absorben..
NON-WOVEN BOUFFANT CAP, 21" WRITE , 10 G, bolsas x 100 unidades ..
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