Antiestáticos ESD

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Single Splice tape
Single Splice tape 8, 12, 16, 24 mm SMT super splice tape -series is a new design spice tape whic..
SMT Stencil Roll
C0341 SMT Stencil Roll 300MM*10M/ROLL MPM-DECK C0342 SMT Stencil Roll 445MM*10M/ROLL MPM-DECK Prod..
Splice clip
For use when splicing tape, supplied in boxes of 4,000 pieces/box, and can be used with any wid..
Splice tool Forceps
1.SMT splicing tool.  2.Better handling and accuracy.  3.For use with splicing clips..
Splice tool Scissors
Designed specifically for SMT carrier tapes from all length. It's suitable for all splice tape an..
Star Claw Ground Cord For Floor Mat
Customized cord length, blue or black 5-star claw ensure good connection with rubber mat Ring term..
Sticky Mat
Adhesive layered, straight edged mats can quickly, effectively remove traffic dirt from wheels an..
T0188 Double splice tape
T0188 Double splice tape with guide 8, 12, 16, 24 mm SMT super splice tape -series is a new desig..
Taloneras antiestáticas descartables
Anti-static heel grounders is unisex shoe strap, which is consist of yellow and black with conductiv..
Wrist band
Length:  standard 200mm,customized available. Material:polyester, natural rubber, conductive f..
Wrist Strap/Table Mat Grounding cord
Grounds snaps to bench mat and accepts two wrist strap   Provide two grounding points for wris..
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