Creform offers a pipe bending service for standard 28mm plastic coated round pipe. This allows bent pipe to be incorporated into structures for function, aesthetics or economy. Because we say the only limitation using Creform is your imagination having this service adds many design possibilities. Incorporating bent pipe can reduce the number of joints required as well as assembly time for a structure.

We train our customers on structure design, construction techniques and maintenance of the Creform System. When we say “It’s how you put it together that sets us apart” we can help get you underway using the Creform System and then help you stay there. Training can be conducted at your place of business or at one of our locations.

Creform engineers are equipped with CAD software for creating structure designs or AGV system layouts. We also have thousands of proven structure drawings in our data base that can help quick start your program so you may not have to begin with a clean sheet of paper to address your material handling needs. 

Creform AGC/AGVs follow a magnetic tape guidepath meaning our systems are up and running quickly. And just like all Creform built structures they are flexible when your needs change. Using our CAD capabilities we can design a plant-wide automated delivery system. 

Creform offers a complete assembly service for structures saving you time and labor. This eliminates the need to warehouse pipe, components and keeping staff available. Our assemblers are highly skilled at assembling Creform structures so your job is completed quickly, efficiently and within budget.

Whether you are building one or 100 structures, Creform can save you time by kitting all the components you will need. Kits will contain pipe and conveyors cut to length as well as all the necessary joints and accessories to complete your project. All that is needed is a work area to assemble structures. This also eliminates the need to warehouse pipe and components.

Creform can save you time by pre-cutting your pipe and conveyor sections to specific lengths. The time you save can be significant when building large numbers of structures. It’s also easier than handling and storing standard pipe and conveyor lengths of 2.5m, 3m and 4m lengths.

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