ESD Rubber Mat

ESD Rubber Mat
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Anti-static rubber mat  should be laid out in the workshops and advanced laboratories for microelectronic industries such as electronic semi-conduct devices,electronic computers,electronic communication equipment and integrated circuits etc. To eliminate damages caused by static electricity.When anti-static rubber mat (ground mat) are laid out and grounded,the working surface will discharge the static electricity of human bodies so that a near-equipotential can be maintained for ESEDS tweezers,tools,utensils and instruments, through which human bodies contact the working table and static sensitive devices(SSD) are free from broadband interference produced by static discharging such as triboelectrification etc. In this way, electrostatic protection is realized.


Parameter of rubber mat(2mm thickness)




Static Dissipation layer

Surface resistance





Friction static voltage





Conductive layer

Surface resistance





Friction static voltage





Static decay time

5000V — 500V





Volume resistance

107 — 1010 Ω




Test Result 

Test Item

Test Result

Tension Strength


Breakage coefficient of elongation


Tear strength(right angle)


Resilience (6pcs sheets lapping over)


Temperature of impact embrittlement (not cut)

-25℃ No damage

Permanent variation under 70℃*22h,25% compression


Aging in hot air(70℃*22h)

Variation of tension strength


Variation of breakage coefficient of elongation


Heat loss


Test Standard:GB1040,GB/T529,GB1681,GB5470,GB10654,GB/T7141

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