C0312 Micro Fiber Wipe

C0312 Micro Fiber Wipe
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Microfeber wipe is constructed from continuous-filament microfiber in a double knit, no-run interlock pattern; cleanroom laundered and packaged;
Microfeber wipe exhibits higher absorbency function; lower particle generation and ion content.
100% synthetic microfiber (continuous-filament, double-knit microfiber);
Laser sealed border; Thermal method and Ultrosonic method are also available;
Class10 cleanroom laundered and vacuumized, both folder and in bulk packaging options;
Stable quality control.etc.
Prevents cleanroom contamination with ultrolow levels of particles and extractables;
High absorbency, wettable with isopropyl alcohol;
Soft, non-scratching design.etc
Superior for spill control and general wiping in Class10~1,000 enviroments;
Cleaning and polishing the products TFT-LCD, Opticle and other criticle industries etc.request;
Maintaining critical instruments and equipments.etc

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